East Rec Progress (12/13/2018)

As you can see in photo above and below the second story of the pool equipment and upstairs chair storage addition framing is almost completed.

Gunnite (sprayed concrete) has been applied to the pool floor and walls. Note the plastic protection of the dirt piles to keep them from turning to mud:

Here are the steps into the pool that have been reformed:

The spa passed a health department inspection and building inspection, so it received its sprayed gunnite this week:

Rough electrical in the main building has been completed including the new sub panel you see here with all wires headed “home” to it. The electricians have corrected several below code unsafe conditions they found in existing work after demolition:

Carpenter is cutting more wood blocking as required for the framing details of the addition.
The acoustic panel grid system on the ceiling is ready for inspection from the city.

The folding partition door fabric was rechosen from these options. The bottom left (“stone”)was chosen in coordination with the new inside wall color and trim color choices and the new chairs that will be coming which will have fabric like the “hazelnut” color on the bottom right.

We received a “mock up”of the fabric that has the art transferred to it from high resolution photographs taken of the art done by resident David Harris. It was approved and reminds me how beautiful these large 4 ft x4 ft panels are going to be in the “high hat” of the ceiling in the big meeting room.

The city has received all of the  extra deferred drawing details for things they asked for and need to have to approve before the big rough inspection coming up, with 2 exceptions. 

One exception is the awning detail and we are working on that in early January. It is not a “critical path” piece of information. The other one is the fire sprinkler system and is in the critical path and was submitted.  However, the city wanted the 3 parts turned in to be under one name. (They can be very picky about how they wish to receive information, even if all of the information is there.) Nordby project manager, Deanna is reworking the papers to resubmit and has asked for expedited approval, which means 2 weeks approval turnaround  instead of 4 weeks.  So the digging across the parking lot is now scheduled for mid-January or so. That will be one week of no parking in the East Rec parking lot.

We have lost two more days of outside work due to rain and wetness. Troy, superintendent is planning on bringing the excavators in next week to backfill the trenches for the pool pipes, which were also completed this week. Sand was delivered today for that process.
We will see at the end of next week if our schedule is affected. Much depends on inspections from the city happening before Christmas.

Our existing fire monitoring system was inspected this week by our service provider and was approved to be fully functioning and connected, after massive wiring done by Nordby’s electricians, per plan for the new lighting, etc.

The Berger custom steel drawings for the seismic work were delivered to the fabricator this week. If the fabricator can mold them in time, Troy will start on two corners of that work right after Christmas. We will keep you informed.

The holiday season is upon us. Nordby is taking off very minimum time…
1/2 day on Christmas and Christmas day and New Year’s day. Otherwise, they will be working on our project.

I continue to be in awe of the level of craftsmanship and professionalism all of the local trades people and the staff of Nordby has brought to this project. 

Iris F. Harrell