East Rec Progress (12/17/2018)

As the race goes on against the odds of rain and the closing down of offices, stores, trade specialists  for the Christmas & New Year holidays, Troy and Deanna of Nordby continue to push the thread through the needle at the building department with the city’s “odds and ends” required for such things as a standard awning installation. A shop drawing by the vendor (and approved by the architect) is required to be approved before purchase and installation. See below.

And then there is the simple phrase of “color to match shade sail structure”, which is blue…
The awning company has about 100 colors of blue. Hmm..ready to order…which blue?
Our landscape architect was able to answer in one quick email after Deanna quickly sorted the 100 blue color choices down to 4 options that seemed to match the shade sail we have already purchased. And Lori nailed it with her great eye for color.

Plywood siding complete for small addition…waiting for roof plywood deck and roofing next week, if weather allows.

Below-Mounting of the steel brackets for setting of countertops in the 4 four bathrooms will be completed today. Troy is testing the height.

How to efficiently resolve an existing cove curved tile in the downstairs bathrooms with a new floor tile that is thicker than the more slippery existing original floor tile that has been pulled out? At our weekly meetings, we talk in drawings. The double red line below indicates where a stainless schluter strip will be inserted after a sawcut allows Troy’s tilers to pull out the curved part of the cove tile, which is the last tile that touches the floor. This method avoids ripping out all of the cove tiles around the bottom of the existing tile walls.

Below is the new brown steel beam header between the conference room and the bigger auditorium in the East Rec.

This steel beam allows us to open a structural wall and install those folding acoustic doors which will open when we have a large event.

Sand has been put in the open trenches ready for back filling of dirt and recompaction to the proper grade for ADA slope.

Grading requires heavy equipment and soil that is not too wet. It cannot happen this week as planned due to current rain and more predicted this week.

Today the shop drawings for the Berger seismic corners were turned in to the welder to prepare. The welder states he will have them ready in about 2 weeks, due to holidays.
So Troy is going to start wood prep and all thread  installation on the Berger four corners on January 2nd. The metal should be ready to install the following week. Paint touch up of those pieces will be done after that.

SCHEDULE CHANGE- The part you have all been waiting for….
Due to rain, arrival time of galvanized steel for deck (just ordered) and one more city approval of fire specific enlarged water supply form the street (2 week wait time after submittal this week), the completion date has been changed to FEBRUARY 28th.

Hope you have some happy holiday plans. We have a lot to be grateful for this year, including 8 talented and caring multiple Oakmont BCC volunteers, great construction companies, architects and designers working on our renovation and RAIN for all of the thirsty dry plants and trees in our surrounding parks and neighborhood.

Drive safely?…..eat thoughtfully?….drink little?

Iris F. Harrell
OVA BCC Chair?

We are all in this together…2018