East Rec Progress (12/27/2018)

The “coping” tile installation around the edge of the East Rec hot tub and the pool have started.
When setting tile for a round radiused area, a good tiler will cut each tile on both sides in order that the grout width is the almost same at the back end and front end of the tile as seen in the top photo.
(If a tiler does not do make those cuts for each tile,  this second photo below shows you how much wider the grout would be at the back end versus the front end of the tile.)

The framing for the roof of the addition and plywood will be completed by tomorrow. Rain has slowed its progress, but it is about to be closed in.

Rough inspection for the bathrooms has passed, so insulation has been installed and sheetrock begins tomorrow.

Recessed Can light fixtures are being installed this week upstairs and downstairs, as seen below.

The perimeter coping tiles for the pool itself have arrived and are ready to be installed around the edges of the pool to match the hot tub coping tiles.

Below is the new ball valve water shutoff that is now above ground and easy to turn off.It was below ground and not able to shutoff completely. And it required a very clumsy long tool to turn the valve that almost no one but plumbers carry.

Final actions this week are weekly cleaning of the “blue room” (portable toilet for residents). Word has it that the toilets are being kept quite clean.

More news and progress next week!

Iris Harrell