East Rec Progress (2/19/2019)

Hi Everyone!

The good news is the sun is supposed to shine until next Wednesday, after 10 days or more of rain. So how are we able to make progress during continuous rain?
We work inside mostly. And Nordby has been working on Saturdays and they worked on President’s Day, (this past Monday) to keep moving forward under adverse weather conditions.

The flooring contractor has started their prep work by leveling low and uneven spots in the sub floor before the new flooring is installed. Below you see the level second story floor storage addition as it ties into the old unlevel storage room upstairs. This plywood substrate has unseen shims under it in the low side and the “whiter” part of the plywood has been sanded down so that the transition is smooth and level.

All of three of these gray sections in the main East Rec room are floor leveling compound drying with heaters on to help it cure. The painting upstairs is complete.

Three of the four new solid fiberglass doors have been installed and painted. The air gap you see at the bottom will disappear when the threshold is put in place.

The fire sprinklers upstairs are complete. The silver head you see in the acoustic tile is the sprinkler head.

The flooring is sitting for acclimating to the space before it is installed later this week.

The plywood substrate is ready for the stone counters to be installed.

The fire department has released the permit to us to upsize the water line that services the fire sprinklers. We are still waiting for the encroachment permit which relates to us digging in the street to tie that new bigger water line into the water main under the street.

That encroachment permit is being held up by the water department who has changed their mind about how we can tie into the water main. The simple way to attach without a water shut off for the nearby residents was rescinded when they realized there had been a water line failure a couple of months ago in the middle of the night just in front of the entrance to the East Rec parking lot. (By the way, that eruption had nothing to do with the construction going on…it was just an infrastructure pipe failure.)

We hope to get that released in the next day or so, so we can get to the parking lot work this week. We are in limbo at the moment and waiting to hear from them. We will give you notice through a separate eblast as soon as we get the word. The water shut off should be for approximately a half day and the affected homeowners will be notified separately.

All those free rocks are gone! Thanks to our residents for taking the opportunity to use some of those in your own yards and gardens.

The steel deck framing is complete. When the soldering is complete (dry weather required) the joist system and deck boards will be installed.

The transition from the new ADA floor tile downstairs to the existing tiles in the shower will look like this juncture below.

The new duct work downstairs in the locker rooms is complete.

We had left over gray tiles from the prior installation to install where there were holes in the tiles from the location of the old grab bars and toilet paper holders, etc.

We are now ready to start the drywall patching downstairs.

There is a hydro test on Thursday for the fire sprinkler system. They are doing a preliminary test ahead of time to make sure it passes inspection.

The big question is “when we will get our building back?”

We are applying for a Certificate of Temporary Occupancy for the upstairs and the parking lot so that we can get into the building to use it while the punchlist, the locker rooms and the final plants are being installed. (The acoustic folding doors between the conference room and the main room will also be on the punch list.)

We intend to be able to use the building the first week of April. With fingers crossed for good luck, no rain dances and a functioning building department, that is achievable.

Patience has its rewards…the rebirth soon to come.

Iris F. Harrell

We are all in this together…2019