East Rec Progress (2/25/2019)

Look how many work trucks show up when the sun doth shine!

Parking for trucks on both sides of the parking lot.

That was this past week, of course.

I write today while the rain is pouring down….but we have progress to show you!

Toilets are in and we passed rough inspection for plumbing.

The LVP (luxury vinyl plank) flooring for the East Rec was 95% complete today. This progress photo was taken late last week. LVP is used widely in commercial settings these days. It incredibly durable, very hard to damage and has a cork bottom which gives it a little cush.

At the main entrance of the East Rec we have a commercial grade carpet that will help take off the grit from bottoms of shoes and not show dirt. The carpet only occurs for a few feet and then transitions evenly with the new LVP flooring that looks like wood, but is not.

Now that the flooring is in, it has to be protected, thus the ram board covering and red tape.

The flooring below in the storage rooms upstairs is a VCT (vinyl composition tile) that is a non statIc product and extremely durable with chair dollys being dragged in and out of that area for different chair set ups in the East Rec.

The VCT tile is already completed in the new storage room, thus the red tape and floor protection. There was another inspection that just passed that allows Troy to complete the insulation and sheetrock in this area as a next step.

The new bathroom partitions are in.

This is the men’s bathroom.

The new locker room doors are in…and yes, they will have ADA door handles soon!

Below is the new set of vented doors that go into the old pool equipment room, that is joined from the inside to the addition to accommodate the added new pool equipment for the salt water pool conversion.

This is a diagram of the blue shade sail that will go in pool area.

The welding of the metal deck support framing has been completed.if you look at the center of the “cross” below, you will see the gray solder.

The weed cloth has been laid down for the new plants in this part of the pool area.

Looking ahead-

Currently we have a March 5th date for the water shutoff from the street. Two days before that we will be digging up the street, as we FINALLY got the encroachment permit out of the building department (????? applause, please!) as of this afternoon! Deanna Alexander, Nordby’s project manager for this job has been masterful at dealing with the slow turning wheels at the city building department.

Our application for the Temporary Occupancy has been submitted, so that we can use the building starting April 1st….(my birthday and Board election results day at OVA).

That being said, we have a note from Noah’s contractor below.

Iris F. Harrell

We are all in this together…2019