East Rec Progress 4/4/2019

In spite of the rain, Nordby continues to make progress on certain parts of the renovation while delaying and rescheduling certain activities until the sun decides to finally make an appearance for longer than 5 minutes.

Below the old walk way entrance to the building did not meet ADA. So demo and digging has been done to prepare for the new concrete walkway that meets today’s standards.

Some targeted concrete has been poured during non rainy days…such as piers for the new light poles

Concrete has also been poured to keep the pool metal drains set into the future concrete pool deck in their exact position. This first pour keeps the exact height of these drains to be ready and fixed in place for the big pour of the concrete pool deck….soon to come.

Below-These pieces of rebar with orange tops will be bent over in a horizontal position with a rebar bender to be ready for the next big pour. This rebar holds all of the first pour and the later second pour together over time, so they cannot separate.

Below-This tube is one of the shade sail structural concrete piers for the pool area. The reason the dirt hole is so big is there was an underground pipe in the way…adjustments were made.

Swimsuit dryer cabinet and counter ready to receive the swimsuit dryer machine

The new lockers are being installed downstairs

The full length ADA lockers are at the end of the run on the left side of this photo in the men’s room.

Troy is turning on the water in the upstairs sinks….so the East Rec AV training of staff and volunteers can happen.

The secondary path to the pool on the left from the front of the building is being prepared for concrete. This path connects to the existing concrete steps that lead down to the secondary gate entrance.

The friendly ADA building department rep, Robert Cubley is signing a small revision to the plans to slightly adjust the ADA parking stall location by a few feet to avoid being too close a big catch drain that would have to be raised otherwise.

Robert reviewed the requested change on line and then offered to have us bring it in to be approved over the counter so there would be no delay for us going forward from the building dept. side. He was very complimentary of Oakmont investing in its infrastructure to meet new building standards and ADA.

Field conditions versus plans on paper…
What we learned from the head scratching for the parking lot area, is that to achieve the required slope for ADA and still mesh smoothly into the rest of the sloped (in two directions…down and to the left)including the sidewalks and parking lot, we will need to take more parking lot asphalt out than originally planned. And that asphalt to be removed is under these two blue PODs (of course).

Rick Aubert’s staff is emptying one of these PODs tomorrow so it van be returned on Monday. And the other POD will be moved further up the hill to a higher position in the parking lot on Monday.

The head scratching for the parking lot continues tomorrow as Troy and his team try to match the field conditions to the drawings that have projected slopes in multiple directions.

The race to the finish continues…along with the rain.

“These are the times the try men’s souls…” but persevering overcomes every obstacle, especially when you have great professionals caucusing together to solve each problem….
And having a few women on the team whose souls have a longer tipping point.

However, right now this makes me want to be working on a more simple project….like a dog park…

Iris F. Harrell

We are all in this together…2019