East Rec Progress (5/10/2019)

Hello all East Rec Fans and users…

I am back from my short getaway in Ashland, Oregon….in time for the following updates.

While we are postponing the celebration of the East Rec renovation until later in the summer, the opening of the pool, building and parking lot is set for JUNE 10TH.

The AV classes for those training to use the new AV equipment will be the week of May 27th, when we will have our certificate of temporary occupancy (CTO) already signed off.

The new chairs and prior furnishings including umbrellas and pool patio furniture will be moved into place the week of May 27th.

Now for the visuals…

These metal posts are in place ready to hold the new sailor blue shade sail to the left of the pool. The sail will not be installed until all painting is done, including the painting of these
Metal posts to deep bronze brown.

Concrete will be poured tomorrow (Saturday) in the upper portion of the parking lot at the building entrance and areas close to the front entrance. Below you will see how much higher the sidewalk will be than before to meet ADA.

Portions of the parking lot will also be higher, as you can see by this new ADA parking area.

Lots of fill was used to bring the level up in all areas needed. That wooden rail fence which is very rickety will need to be removed. Another fence with wooden posts set in concrete with horizontal wire will replace that and be extended longer as needed to prevent any unexpected falls.

This is the rebar set in place with the wooden forms set on the edges with the horizontal wood stops, which represent the height of the new concrete at the front entrance area of the building.

There will be a second concrete pour known as pouring number 2 in the lower parking lot area to be completed by May 15.

Any added demo and completion of asphalt should be complete on 5/21.

Parking lot striping and paint to happen 2 days after asphalt completion.

The water for the pool is going in next week, so the 3 weeks it needs to be in the pool before usage should be approved for usage before the June 10th opening of the building.

The celebration of the renovation is scheduled after 6 weeks of usage by the residents on August 1St at 3:30pm.

Iris F. Harrell


We are all in this together…2019

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