East Rec Progress (5/15/2019)

Gratitude for 6 days of post Mother’s Day May rain….? Are you kidding?

This unexpected unseasonal rain is a spiritual challenge for me, when we are SO close to finishing the East Rec.

We have to make the best of it…and that is what Nordby has done.

The second big concrete pour was scheduled for today, Wednesday and Thursday.
On Monday it was obvious we were going to have extended wet weather starting Wednesday.
So Troy called their concrete sub and fervently asked if they could possibly get a double crew out and do all of the second big concrete pour on Tuesday(yesterday)….and WOW….they came through big time with a double crew. 

Below the sidewalks are being poured.

The second crew below was busily setting the remainder of the wooden concrete forms while the pouring and shaping of the concrete was being done on the sidewalks, where the forms had already been set.

Meanwhile still on Tuesday the pool was busily being worked on by Johnson Pools’ sub, whose workers were installing the final finish coat of the pool with a Pebble Tec finish…which is the best pool industry finish available and comes with a 10 year warranty.

If you look closely at the stand off skates the workers have attached to their work-boots, you see how they manage to not disturb all of the plastering work they are rapidly applying.

Meanwhile also on Tuesday the replacement beams for the bridge that goes across the creek to the pool were delivered and installed.

The landscape architect came out to properly place the new plants chosen.

ADA parking for the East Rec entrance to the building below is something we can be proud of. It took several mathematical geniuses, including the engineers and the Nordby crew to figure out how to meet the very stringent slopes of the parking for ADA on a hillside parking lot with both downhill and sideway sloped land going to different slope of the building upstairs and a much lower slope at the bridge for the pool entrance.

Here below in addition to the plant placement, you see the secondary concrete walkway  entrance to the pool with a few new steps connecting down to the preexisting concrete steps that lead to the other pool gate. (The primary ADA entrance to the pool is obviously the “step free” one across the bridge with its own ADA parking.)

Below is the brand new ADA wet concrete just poured for the ADA parking by the main pool entrance.

Below is the new still wet concrete ADA walkway from the lower parking lot area. The path is a slightly different configuration since the old one was too steep to comply with ADA.

For those of you who have ever worked on your knees for even a short period of time, you may have an inkling of what back breaking work this is. These folks below are like ballerinas without tutus! They make it look so easy.

By the end of the blessedly dry Tuesday yesterday, the more than 50 workers on site got an incredible amount of work done to beat the rain we have today, “ monsoon Wednesday”.
(The finished pool is going to look great!)

In the meantime while the big visual things are getting done, small things also need to be completed. Below you see the chrome railing that stops the entrance to where the old wrap around deck was. You can see the old wood stair line along the stucco wall this gentleman is repairing. You can also see the massive water main for the fire sprinklers just below the stair lines. That white metal rail bar on top of this stucco wall will be painted a dark bronze anodized color along with all of the preexisting remaining white guard rails. 

At our Monday meeting Deanna, project manager rescheduled the final walk through until this coming Monday, May 20th. The 6 colors of tape on the table are for us to leave a piece where we see something that needs correcting or addressing. Each color is for a different trade…Ex. Blue for electrical,, red for plumbing, etc. 

And of course our Friday projection dates of June 10th got thrown out the window with the unexpected week of rain we are now having. 

So, rather than give you any dates at all, we are going to announce when we have the TEMPORARY OCCUPANCY PERMIT IN OUR HANDS, which requires a FINISHED  parking lot….which can only be done in dry weather.

All I can say at this point is everyday we get closer to the end. You will get to use the renovated East Rec in your lifetime…..

Here’s to your health!

Iris F. Harrell

We are all in this together…2019