East Rec Progress (5/2/2019)

This video shows delivery of gravel rock filling up to the height of the concrete forms before concrete is poured:

Details, details, details! When the end of a project is in sight, so many little details come up, after one has already made hundreds of decisions….but it is a good sign that the completion is around the corner.

Troy, site manager for Nordby and Deanna, project manager for Nordby meet with us every Monday for collaboration on progress, questions, calendar update, any new issues to be resolved or little completion details that just need to be in writing.

Example-what color is the elastic caulk around the hot tub and pool that will look like the grout with sanded added to it? Lots of written tracking occurs after the decisions are made.

Below is the new water heater for hot water to the East Rec building being installed.

Below is the new salt water pool equipment going in the addition for the pool equipment room.

New lights and pipes in the existing pool equipment room..

The irrigation stand pipe next to this post will go in the new tall blue planter vases that will sit in front of each forward deck post, partly to force people to walk around them instead of into them by accident…the other part is aesthetics..to soften the  visual intrusion of the posts in space.

The hole in the wall for the antique air conditioner unit has been fixed.

More vertical bollards with lights will be installed for safer walking at night to get to the East Rec pool or main entry.

There will also be tall light poles in certain spots at the East Rec pool and entry for safety. These uninstalled brown  poles sre wrapped in protective paper until they are ready to install.

These are the commercial grade drain covers on the new concrete pool deck area.

String lines are being set for the right slope to meet ADA. This split rail wooden fence will need to be removed…not to mention you could push it over with one hand.

After the string lines are set, the wooden forms get installed in place to conform with the height of the strings…all of this allows the pour of concrete to go to the level and slope that is required.

As you can see below, a lot of the parking lot will change slope to conform with ADA parking  safety guidelines.

The doors to both locker rooms will have ADA buttons to push…and the doors are much easier to open manually as well.

Below are a couple of new trees waiting to be planted.

Concrete sidewalks and curbs have to be poured before the asphalt can be done.

Next week the new blue shade sail by the pool  and concrete pour should be happening.

Jane Gyrogy, (our new AV volunteer leader) is giving more AV hands on classes for all of the signed up club members in small groups, starting tomorrow.  

Stay tuned and prepare yourself for a great new facility to be using with your clubs and activities….very soon!

We are all so fortunate to have such great recreational facilities here at Oakmont!

Iris F. Harrell

We are all in this together…2019