East Rec Progress (5/24/2019)

What happens when it stops raining? LOTS!

The dryrotted  bridge gets rebuilt!

New beams that have a bituthane flashing on top so the beams cannot rot in the future before the leftover trex boards from the deck are used as the new bridge material. 
(You may also notice a new light pole being installed by the electrician in the lime t-shirt.

If you look really closely below  you can see a little black “tape” protruding beyond the deck 
boards. The extra smaller joists in between the beam are to reduce the span that the Trex has to cover without flexing. Trex is a grade B fire resistant product and never has to be refinished.

Here is the bridge completed including the new wire railing to match the wire railing of the new deck for the building. The wooden posts and horizontal cap will be stained a solid body  dark bronze color, which is the chosen color of the light posts. Essentially the bridge will disappear visually.

All existing white metal railings will be repaired where changes were made and painted the dark bronze color as well. We will be adding new railings to mesh with the existing ones that remain. If you look closely at these existing concrete steps below,  you will notice whre there was once white painted rotten wood at the edge of each step, there is now new concrete of different color and texture to catch the eye as one is descending. No painting will be required as a safety signal there. 

Each deck post will have a tall blue pot with plants…for visual interest and to keep people from walking into them inadvertently as they leave and enter the new locker rooms.

And look what one clear day in a parking lot can do when you have the right machinery! Asphalt gone!

This is the machine that took up all the asphalt.

Next the grading and compacting of dirt begins.

Compaction of the dirt is shown below. The old split fence rail is gone-(wrong place at wrong height and rotten) We will have wire rail in these posts. We will have more railing to control the entry areas for ADA step purposes. It will make more sense when you see the asphalt finished. 

Below is David Harris, BCC member and designer helped me select the new retractable awning the Board just approved on Tuesday for shade protection for the pickleball players.

One of the recommended awning fabrics with a long warranty was chosen to coordinate with the exterior color of the building and the white wood trim. The casing of the awnings will be roof mounted on the eaves of the building  for greater height and full extension of just over 13 ft out and 60 plus feet long in the form of 3 shades, all controlled with one switch, which will be located by the kitchen side door.

Asphalt is next!

After asphalt is done, the striping of the parking spots has. To be completed and the sign off of the fire final by the city fire marshall,Alpha Fire and Santa Rosa Alarm Company. They all three have to be present. This hopefully occurs next week, along with lawn installation, shade sail installation, exterior painting.

Getting closer and closer  to a temporary occupancy sign off! When we are done with the East Rec, I fantasize about playing more pickleball with my friends and more golf in between pickleball games!

Thanks for your patience! Delayed gratification promises a great longterm reward for Oakmonters!

Iris F. Harrell

We are all in this together…2019