East Rec Progress 6-21-2019

Finally….! A touchdown! East Rec final inspection passed this morning.
Proof below! Opening to residents for building and pool will be be July 1st!

Here is the guy who made it happen-Nordby site manager, Troy Llopis! He is holding a champagne bottle I just gave him to commemorate a job well done!

The exterior transformation with a bigger and very usable deck is seen below.

Painters are doing last minute touch ups and completions. The gate header below had to be lifted two inches to meet the current code of 80 inches clear. This came up last week when the temporary occupancy permit was signed off. Troy jumped on it like a duck on June bug.

Sprinklers are watering one of the two the newly replaced  lawn areas.

Now this is a classic photo of a tile contractor finishing up the entrance tile in one of the locker rooms. How many yellow items do you see here?

Below is the new bridge with trex decking to the main pool entrance…stained to match the deep brown bronze color of the new light poles.

Below is the stainless steel panel at the outside shower area to protect the wooden siding.

Here is the glorious shade sail

We have another IT company increasing the wifi signal and pathway at East Rec so people with hearing aids will be able to use their smart phone with Audio Everywhere to better hear the speaker of any event at the East Rec. Their truck below…

Jane Gyorgy is training volunteer AV specialists with the new equipment we have put in.
We have programmed the av and shade interface to require fewer steps to set up for any given event in the East Rec. That required interface with the electrician, the Lutron specialist, the shade installer and the AV installer….and now OVA’s IT provider.

While we are still troubleshooting and tweaking, in the end this is what a 21st century modern auditorium would have…and after we get used to it, we will wonder how we did without it. In the meantime it can be like buying a new oven during a kitchen remodel and wondering “how in the heck do I turn this thing on?”

What you see below are failsafe measures if the ipad as the single point of use for all av/shades/light controls falters. Plan B kicks in.

And what does a successful site manager do while finishing up his last two days at a job where final inspection has passed already…he humbly gets on his knees and cleans up behind one of his painters who made a drip where it was not supposed to be.

Below is a photo of me (yes I had dark hair) as an 18 year old college freshman pulling a rope with many of my newly discovered college classmates and shouting words of encouragement to help us win the rope pull contest against the juniors in 1965.

This is the way I have felt for the last 18 months to get the East Rec design and construction completed. And by golly, we got it done…with so much help from so many participants, both paid and volunteers.

See you on August 1st for the ribbon cutting and party at 3:30pm.
But before then, I hope to see you using the pool, the shade sail, the deck, the hot tub, the conference room, the bigger room, the retractable awning at the pickleball courts and enjoying it.

I so appreciate the current OVA Board who paved the way to make this completion possible.

Iris Harrell

“It takes a village.” 2019