East Rec Progress 6/6/2019

Hello Oakmonters! 

East Rec parking lot has been striped and ADA spots painted since this photo was taken 10 days ago and we can ALL use the parking lot again starting Monday, June 10th!
I am sure the “close by” Oakmont Drive neighbors will be thrilled about this news as well.

Below a truck full of dirt fill is being unloaded with the bobcat to raise the level of dirt to the right of the sidewalk.

Phil Wilkinson, Linda Begelman (leaders of the Oakmont Art Assn.), Katy Carrel and myself hung the original 14 mural 2 feet by 2 feet pieces of public artwork done by Oakmonter David Harris in the renovated locker rooms downstairs. 
(If you  remember these 14 pieces were enlarged to 4×4 and printed on acoustic cloth for the upstairs “high hat” raised ceiling area.)

Phil does well with a lot of supervision by Linda and Katy.?

I got to use a hammer as well….and as you will be able to see soon, there is a lot of wall space down in those locker rooms. The art makes the locker rooms so much more inviting.

Ok…we were getting a little giddy by the time we were finishing hanging all of this art. Maybe it was the fresh paint fumes!

The pool is being cleaned for a health department inspection. They will be adding salt this week…which means 4 weeks before it can be used….as the “salt” has to settle in properly.

Under the new bow shaped deck there is a metal “ceiling” to collect water and prevent water from going into the existing outward swinging windows in the locker rooms. It also creates a more finished look and will be one more shady place for swimmers to read and rest and get out of the sun.

Below these 6 metal posts will be holding a cobalt blue shade sail for more shade for the swimmers and readers.

Here is the new secondary path to the pool from the front of the building. The railings have been modified and reused where possible. They will be painted a deep brown to match the color of the new light poles.

Railings below are installed to guide walkers into the building from lower parking areas without the risk of tripping over the curbs as they walk to the next events that will soon be happening at East Rec.

We need to put a big plant here to hide this mechanical view of things we don’t really want to be looking at as we descend to the pool.

The temporary occupancy building inspection happened yesterday. There were 6 minute (as in “small”) things that need to be done before final inspection passes only one of the issues pertained to the upstairs building. 

Example-the numbers on the existing East Rec sign out front (that were here before we ever started the job) are not “tall” enough…so Nordby ordered new numbers.
That is the meaning of “minute”. The sign really has nothing to do with the permit.
These are the kind of things that make applying for temporary occupancy for a major renovation a good option, because weird tiny things come up that no one tells you about until the final inspection occurs and really do not affect health or safety.

Nordby is asking these small things be added to the final inspection, so that the Temporary
Occupancy permit is released…this should happen  by the middle of next week.

Fyi-The upstairs will be in use before the pool area…and very, very soon.

Like I said…..”Soon….very, very soon….”

Iris F. Harrell

We are all in this together…2019

Facility Updates:

The West pool has reopened. To book swim time at the East and West pools, please click here.

The West pool remains CLOSED today, October 14 due to poor water conditions. OVA will continue notify members with the pool is reopened. Members can

The West pool has been closed today, October 13 due to poor water conditions. Members will be notified when the pool reopens. OVA apologizes for

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