East Rec Remodel Start Date Set

Jackie Reinhardt

Work on remodeling the East Recreation Center is expected to start Aug. 27 and finish by the first week of January, 2019, according to Iris Harrell, the chair of Oakmont’s Building Construction Committee (BCC), who has been shepherding the complex permit process with the city.

The latest glitch is a requirement that all commercial buildings with an estimated value of $500,000 or more include city-approved public art by an acknowledged working artist or donate $12,000 to the city art fund. Although the art is supposed to be visible from the street, the committee has asked for approval of inside art in view of the East Rec’s substantial set back from the street.

Oakmont artist David Harris, who donated the mural in the OVA office, was tapped to produce

Oakmont Artist David Harris submitted this rendering of mountain views that would grace the East Rec’s large meeting room if approved by the city.

renderings for submission to the city. They depict mountain views that would wrap around four foot high acoustical panels at the edge of the raised ceiling part of the East Rec large meeting room. Cost of the art project was estimated at $12,000.

The East Rec project is expected to cost $2.2 million, Harrell said.


 Also on the agenda for an Aug. 9 meeting of the BCC was a report from RGH Consultants which analyzed soil samples under the Berger Center this past June. The geotechnical consultants found “the potential for liquefaction at the site is low.” The Berger is expected to be Oakmont’s next major project.

In an interview after the meeting, Bob Dodd, a retired structural engineer on the BCC, said the report provides a level of certainty that the ground underneath Berger is unlikely to shift during an earthquake.  He noted additional environmental studies were suggested by the consultants.

The seismic reinforcement of the Berger’s four corners where the beams connect with the concrete pylons is part of the contract with Nordby Construction which is also doing the East Rec remodel.