East Rec Update (10/15/2018)

Today the grading begins in the pool area. As you can see from this first photo, the existing underground electric wires to the building and pool are pretty close to the surface and will need to be rerun.

The prior bulldozers you saw in earlier reports were the demolition crew. These bulldozers are being provided and run by the grading subcontractor, which started today, after last week’s meeting with the soils engineer on site digging a few bucket samples.

The engineer and the permit plans call for 18 inches of “overexcavating” from the subgrade, which means the 18 inches starts 5.5 inches below the finish concrete grade.
So a lot of soil is taken out and put back 6 inches at a time with electric compaction tools, so there will be little chance of any soil settling under the new concrete over time.

Photo below is of the collection of landscape wires right where the footing for the bumpout two story addition is going. These will obviously need to be rerouted.

Because the numerous existing water and electric pipes were so shallow, they will need to be rerouted and located, as the over excavation must be completed to satisfy compaction needs for the soil.

We will be taking photos of record of where the rerouting of wires goes so we have knowledge in the future of where all these relocated wires and pipes originate, travel and end up. We will probably place some extra pipe sleeves at the base of  the excavated soil so if we wanted to run another wire sometime in the future there is a chase below the new concrete to run it in.

In the meantime, Troy is chasing down the origin and purpose of  every wire and pipe that we now have to relocate after the excavation.

Another discovered condition is the failing ball valve at the water main at the building. That will need to be replaced.

We hope to have discovered most of any other unknown conditions by next week after pool excavation is completed. The only other future digging area will be when we have to dig across the parking lot to bring in a new water line powerful enough to service the fire sprinkler systems for the building. (If you remember, East Rec had no fire sprinklers.)

Schedule is still good to date.

Iris Harrell