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The Enocureans is the club for the oenophile and epicurean in all of us. It is for Oakmonters who love and enjoy their food and wine and want to experience to the fullest everything that life in our beautiful Wine Country has to offer. The club’s monthly events are held at Oakmont and at various locations in Sonoma and Napa counties. They include dinners at a variety of restaurants, picnics, wine tours and tastings, mix & mingle gatherings and gala events.

The club does not have specific dates for scheduling its monthly events, but they are usually scheduled for the middle of each month, both on weekends and mid-week. One of the biggest advantages of membership is that members receive early invitations and priority registration to the club’s monthly events. Due to their nature, Enocureans’ events are typically capped at 40 people and sell out very quickly, so having priority registration is a big advantage.
Meeting Details:

Fee: $15 per person per year
Contact Information:

Ellen Leznik