Kathy Sowers tells how she became a dedicated exerciser: “Almost 40 years ago the concept of small Health Clubs was popping up all over in Santa Rosa. Invitations were sent to employers to share with employees.” She “tried it and loved exercising with music. It was a great way to unwind from the day. I was single, had no children and so after work work-out time was all mine.”

Then Kathy met Troy “at Parkpoint Health club in an aerobics class.” They discovered love, marriage and Oakmont, not necessarily in that order.

When they decided they did not “need to travel across town for quality aerobics classes,” they “quit that club and became OHI fitness class regulars.” Not only do they show up every Monday, Wednesday and Friday, they encourage others to do the same. Life is just better with exercise, “it keeps me in shape, both physically and mentally.” An added benefit, according to Kathy, “ I have made many wonderful friends in Oakmont through exercise.”

Recognizing that they won’t feel totally motivated all the time, they still show up on days of sub-par gumption. They know they’ll feel far better after a class filled with social interaction, music and physical activity. Every now and then, Kathy says she gives herself a break. “If I’m feeling just really tired one day, I will allow myself to take a day off.” One day. But discipline has always been part of her life-style: “I feel that the discipline from other parts of my life spill over into exercise. I finish a book when I start it; I follow through on a promise made to do something; I hang up clothes after taking them off; and, I save money for a rainy day or to purchase something expensive. Learned this as a child, and so the concept of coming to a class on a repetitive basis for my health fits right into those types of behaviors.”

Discipline and motivation were harder to maintain during the year of Zoom classes. “Social contact wasn’t the same and group energy was unavailable.” She contrasts that to in-person classes: “In person classes have exercisers singing, bantering back and forth, exercising as best they can. All that is fun and contagious.”

An accomplished photographer, Kathy captures that fun, and also the creative variety of exercises in OHI classes. Most of the photos that accompany OHI articles are thanks to Kathy.

A gregarious and outgoing couple, Kathy and Troy admit that they relax their regular eating routine when out with friends. For everyday meals, their two mantras are: portion control and common sense. And supporting each other.

Today Kathy says, her husband is her encouragement. Not only are they high profile OHI Fitness regulars, they golf, swim and walk on a regular basis.

Troy and Kathy Sowers: one fit twosome.

Just a note of caution: if you’ve not exercised in a while, or have had some sort of recent injury, let common sense and medical advice guide you. Be careful. Be wise. Be safe.