– John Phillips
We are finishing our second month of having the Fitness Center open with certain restrictions and yes, we all hope that these restrictions will be removed soon, we still need to follow them so that it can happen.
One of the toughest to get used to and I totally understand the discomfort, is wearing a mask while you’re exercising. Especially when it comes to doing any type of cardiovascular exercise. The mask makes it hard to breathe, and it is uncomfortable when you begin to sweat under it. The requirement is that you MUST wear a mask at all times. I have received a little push back on this, and would really appreciate compliance with this rule as Covid-19 is a respiratory disease, and as one doctor put it, be aware of who you are sharing you air with.
Here are some tips on coping with the mask. First, you may need to adapt your routine, if you run on a treadmill you may need to slow to a fast walk or run outside without a mask before you come into the center. In other words, adjust!
A second point is that there are two doors that lead outside and it is okay to go out and get a bit of fresh air. Make sure you step away from the door and other people before you remove your mask for a quick dry and breath of fresh air.
The other request is to wipe the machines down after every use. Wipes are being provided and should be at every machine that can be used. This should be easy to do and if everyone does it after their use then we all know that we do not need to do it before hand.
Both requests are basic considerations for your fellow resident. One of the excuses I hear, that is not necessarily true, and should not be relied upon is that all of Oakmont has been vaccinated. You still can carry or catch the virus; it just may not be as bad as if you did not get the vaccine. So, please be considerate of the other residents that are utilizing the center and any of the facilities of Oakmont.
One last reminder – your may sign up to work out 3 times per week and if you are willing to volunteer to help monitor the fitness center you may volunteer one time per day. To make a reservation: oakmontvillage.com/fitness-center
Once, again I look forward to seeing everyone at the center. If you have any questions regarding this or any fitness issues, please feel free in contacting me by calling or texting me at 707-494-9086 or email wkuout2@aol.com. I will see you all soon.


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