Star Power
Do you have great ideas, but nobody’s listening? Are you a problem-solver? Are you a leader? Do you care about things, simple or complicated? Do you long to be around people who want to hear what you have to say? Rotary might be the place for you to express yourself.
Rotary thrives on ideas. Rotarians work to solve international problems, plus those close to home. Without your input, there would be no Rotary.
As I was listening at one of the Valley of the Moon Rotary meetings, the club’s celebrated poet, Michael O’Brien, expressed himself about the word “Bliss” and gave this writer permission to quote him. It went like this:
“I confess I haven’t been as active lately in this club as I’d like. I wondered if I could still do something. And I do want to make a difference. So I have begun to think of activities that could actually give me Bliss.
Unfortunately, Bliss is a word used so many times that it has lost its impact. For example, I don’t think that a hamburger, even with pickles, can be that important.
Then I realized Rotary can infuse me and others with Bliss.
And, as I thought about it, I realized Rotarians can find Bliss in so many places. Here are just a few:
·When we learn that another of our college students that we supported has graduated
·When we buy computers to put into a local library in an impoverished area
·When we purchase and wrap holiday gifts to moms and children in shelters
·When we support Oakmont volunteers by paying for their expenses when they drive residents to their medical exams
·When we help our communities ravaged by fire
·When we fund and build by hand school desks for disadvantaged kids
·And when we donate to buy and deliver polio vaccine to people at great risk all over the world.

You see, we Rotarians help create Bliss,
not just in the world overall,
but in our communities,

And if we let it,
Into our own lives.”

Generally speaking, most Rotarians feel this “Bliss” as we bring our ideas to fruition, solve some problems, and listen to others. Rotarians care.
Valley of the Moon Rotary would like to welcome you to a meeting most Thursday mornings at 8 a.m. at Oakmont Gardens. If you’d like more information about a Rotary visit or membership please feel free to contact our Membership chair, Daymon Doss at


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