February Oakmont Forum Meeting (2/1/2019)

  • Bruce Bon

Saturday, February 9, 1 PM – 3 PM, West Rec – Topic: Election issues and candidates. All OVA Board of Directors candidates are invited to this event. Each candidate will have a few minutes to introduce himself/herself, and to briefly answer a few questions that we will provide ahead of time. If the candidates desire, we will hold an open forum for a limited period of time, followed by a meet and greet, with refreshments provided, where candidates may interact directly with OVA members.

If time allows, we will discuss governance-related issues of interest to those attending, such as:

* How to get the most qualified, intelligent OVA members to run for the Board

* Problems with OVA governance, issues that have resulted in the past, and possible solutions

* Bylaws proposals that might improve OVA governance


The core purpose of the Oakmont Forum is to empower OVA members to participate in deciding the future of Oakmont. Please check https://oakmontforum.com for details. We are looking for people who support our mission, to help us with recruiting speakers and producing our events. For more information or to become active with the Oakmont Forum, start by sending an email to info@oakmontforum.com.


Oakmont Forum (1/15/2019)

Bruce Bon Report of the December Meeting on Bylaws Revisions  The Oakmont Forum had a very successful inaugural meeting on Dec. 8, with standing room