Firewise Assessor Training Offered

Oakmont members who have an interest in becoming more knowledgable about vegetation management and home hardening can learn what firewise assessors are taught by enrolling in a free, two-session training webinar taught by Roberta Macintyre, president and CEO of Fire Safe Sonoma. The training is offered on Zoom Monday, June 20 and Friday, June 24 from 2 – to 4:30 p.m.  

Dave Watts, chair of the Firewise Resource Committee, is urging all Oakmonters to take advantage of this special training to enhance their knowledge and understanding of how homes are evaluated for fire risks and to deepen their overview of how communities burn in a wildfire. “The Firewise Committee is looking to increase its number of assessors and any Oakmonter who receives WFAP certification is encouraged to apply to become an official assessor,” he said. “Firewise assessors are not inspectors or enforcers but are educators to help Oakmont residents learn how to make their homes and landscapes more firewise. The assessors have already helped hundreds of Oakmont residents to become more firewise and we hope to help hundreds more.”  

The Wildland Fire Assessment Program (WFAP) offered in the webinar is meant to provide non-operational personnel, such as FireWise community leaders, COPE and emergency preparedness volunteers and others with training on how to properly conduct wildfire risk assessments for homes located in the woodland urban interface (WUI). The webinar will successfully prepare participants to evaluate a home and identify ways to protect the property from wildfires and make the community more fire-adapted. 

Watts said any resident who takes this training and would like to apply to the Committee as a potential firewise assessor will need to attend both classes, watch the video of three Oakmont homes being assessed by a professional assessor, and pass an online test. Others may just take the online training for their own knowledge. 

By August 31, all Oakmont homeowners are required to meet the 2022 requirements in the Oakmont Firewise Landscape Policy.  Currently Oakmont’s trained volunteer firewise assessors are available to come to homes by appointment and walk the property with residents. The assessors provide a written report with photos of what needs to be done to plants, trees, mulch and other landscape elements. View the 2022 checklist of requirements and guildelines here: 

To register for the seminars, please sign up at both of the links below: 

Webinar 1 Registration – Zoom

Webinar 2 Registration – Zoom