Fitness Club 8-15-2019

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1.  Climate control.  If the weather outside is too cold, too hot, wet or foggy, I am very comfortable inside watching the inclement conditions outside.
2.  Simple rules.  Just wipe down the equipment when finished with the provided disinfecting wipes.  There are no complicated rules concerning how to serve, scoring or special equipment needed.  Just show up at the gym.
3.  Everyone benefits.  You are there to improve your health, not win a game.  I call it conditioning without embarrassment.  There is no public humiliation by playing a game poorly or losing.  Even though your opponent may be gracious, you still lost.
4.  Easy conversations.  While using the treadmill, riding the stationary bike or rowing machine, the person next to you will probably be there for a while and may welcome a chat.  I have met many interesting people while exercising.  Conversing across a net is not ideal and I have never talked to anyone while swimming laps.  
5.  Professional advice.  John Roberts, our personal trainer, is there for your questions and he can customize an exercise program for you.  His office is conveniently located in the Fitness Center.  It gets to be a rut to do the same routine over and over.  He will show you exercises you would never have considered and have you work muscles you did not know existed.
6.  Convenient hours.  The Fitness Center is open early in the morning late at night.  You can find time in your busy schedule to use the gym.  
7.  Easy on the body.  Playing games involving quickness and running makes my joints and muscles sore afterwards.  The result is that I may not be able to exercise the next day or even week.  I leave the Fitness Center tired and knowing there will be no aches or pain.
See you at the gym!



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