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Fitness Club 9-1-2019

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Follow up on the Age-Related Exercises – John Phillips

We just finished running the age-related exercises articles that divided what exercises worked well for the different age groups. I hope everyone enjoyed them and maybe even was willing to give them a try. I had some interesting questions that came up, one of them was from an 80-year-old gentleman. He said that he was already performing many of the exercises for the 70-year-olds and wanted to know if he should switch to the 80-year-old exercises, which are modified and a little bit easier to perform. I explained that that would be taking a step backwards and that if he is performing the 70-year-old exercises without any problems, he should continue to do so. I also said if the exercises became a little too much for him that he could switch to the 80-year-old program.

Another time I was discussing the programs with a member and she made the commit that the exercises seemed a little easy. I explained to her that Oakmont is a little unique to most of the retired world. Many of the residents of Oakmont are still very active and in great shape and should continue to work out however old they are. There are those, however, that aren’t as active and I wanted to give them an idea that it really doesn’t take much to workout, even a little bit, at any age. If they start with the bare minimum, then they may become interested and will challenge themselves into other activities. I also felt that the articles gave some good options for those already working out to encourage them to change their programs a little. It might provide an opportunity to look at what they are doing to see if they might want to mix it up a little bit, maybe even try a program designed for a younger group.

I hope everyone enjoyed the articles and gave some of the exercises a try. I have a portion of the article posted in the Fitness Center if you need to review it, please stop and take a look and ask any questions you may have. If you need to reach me, my phone number is 707-494-9086, email, or stop by the center. I hope to see everyone there.



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