Fitness Club Board Minutes 5-9-2022

OFC Board of Attendees: Joy Bellomo, Hanns Ullrich, Janice Weekes, Ron Marquardt, Gary Jackson, Mike McInnis, Peggy Clark 

Trainer: John Phillips 

Call to order: Meeting was called to order at 11:00 a.m. 

Treasurer’s Report:  

  • As of today, our bank balance is $14,442.31. 

Membership Report: 

  • Membership is at 340 a/o today. 
  • Peggy asked if it was acceptable to order some additional medium size t-shirts. The board agreed. 


Janice is continuing to write articles on each of the board members. Joy was the first. Peggy is next and then Hanns. 


  • The damaged pads have all been replaced on the equipment and we all agree that they look great. 
  • The OFC paid $882.91 for the replace. We also posted notes around the fitness center saying that the replacements were paid for by OFC dues. 
  • We talked about the role that Next Level Fitness plays. They come once a month to maintain our equipment. They will fix any broken equipment as well as clean all the mechanical parts of the equipment. 
  • In addition they do all the research on any new equipment we may want. 


  • There was a request to have some instruction affixed to the new leg curl/extension machine. Some folks are having issues moving the seat. John will work on getting a sign to post on the machine. 
  • It was also suggested that we try to post an estimate of the time it takes for repairs of equipment. John will ask our maintenance team to provide an estimate so we can post it on the equipment. 
  • We are going to ask the OVA to purchase the tricep/bicep piece of equipment. The cost is approximately $2,500. 
  • We will also ask the OVA to purchase some kettlebells 18,20 & 25 pounds. 
  • Peggy will send contact information to Gary on how to reach Next Level Fitness – Jay. 
  • We will ask Next Level Fitness maintenance to remove the Health Ryder piece of equipment.  
  • John thinks that the wipes that we use may have cause the pads to crack so Peggy asked if we might ask OVA maintenance to go back to the old wipes. We think that the old wipes may not be as strong and will not dry out the pads as quickly. 
  • Peggy was asked by a member why we no longer post a copy of the minutes on the bulletin board. She explained that they are posted on the web site but he didn’t want to bother with that so we are again posting a hard copy on the bulletin board. 
  • Peggy noted that the windows in the fitness center are in need of a good cleaning. We will ask Bill, maintenance supervisor, if that is possible. 
  • John was approached by a non-member asking what the cost was for the pad replacements. He said in lieu of being a member he would like to make a donation of up to $1,000 towards repairing broken equipment or replacement of equipment, etc. He also said he would want a receipt. 
  • Peggy know this person and will talk with him the next time she see him. She will get more specifics about what he wants, etc.  
  • We discussed the Club’s Night that is happening on June 2, 6-7:30. Several board members are willing to spend some time at our table and we will have brochures to hand out. Peggy will edit the picnic event out of the brochure until further notice. 
  • Gary shared with the board his concerns about John’s compensation from the OFC. We had reduced his hours down to one per week and with his OVA employee status it equaled out to his salary being less than before. Therefore we decided to bring him back to his previous stipend from the OFC.  
  • Joy and Gary will speak with Jess Marzak to see if we can realign John’s salary so that the OVA will be picking up the OFC stipend. This will free up the OFC funds and we may be able to reduce our membership dues back to $20 per year. 
  • Ron will check with other senior communities to see what salary their fitness trainers are getting. We will then have information to back up the reason for the OVA increasing John’s salary. 

Next Fitness Club Board Meeting: July 18, at 9 AM in the CRC, Room B. 

Respectfully submitted by, 

Peggy Clark 

OFC Secretary 


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