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Fitness Club: Vibration Plate

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  • John Phillips

I’ve been asked to write an article on the benefits of the vibration plates that we have in the Fitness Center. We currently have two different models: one with handles and one without. They both feel and vibrate differently and I suggest you give them a try and determine which one you like the best. There are some warnings: do not use if you have a pacemaker and check with your doctor before use. The manufacturers and most studies have been done on people using only 3 times per week, for 15 minutes each session and I would suggest stick to that protocol. I even suggest that if you are doing 15-minute sessions, that you take a break every 5 minutes to let the body rest for a minute from the vibration.

What are the benefits:

These products have been studied: in fact, NASA was studying them for possible use on the Space Station and for long space travel. Most of the studies that I found have been duplicated and verified. There were some interesting claims that have not been verified but I will only quote the ones that have.

First of all, it works the muscle fiber in all planes of motion which gives the muscle a harder and more complete workout. Due to this, you are burning more calories, and the vibration platforms have been shown to burn twice the amount of visceral fat that forms in the belly, then regular exercise and diet. The vibration also causes small torqueing in the bone fibers which stimulates the bone to grow more bone cells, strengthen the bone. This vibration also increases flexibility and

provides a message. The muscles loosen up and with the increased blood flow it causes the muscles to relax. This increased blood flow also helps with hypertension, allowing the blood vessels to open up and allowing the blood to flow into the muscle to replenish oxygen supply.

The idea behind the platform is that as the machine vibrates you perform different exercises. The vibration will enhance and work different muscles along with the ones that are performing the exercise. Thus, increasing the work being done. If you choose to perform exercises with weights, I would suggest drop the amount weight down a bit, as the muscles tire much quicker.

So far, I have found that about 1% of the people who have tried the plates don’t really care for the vibration. I would suggest that you come in and allow me to demonstrate them for you and let you try it. I hope to see you at the Fitness Center soon or if you have any questions please call me at 707-494-9086 or email



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