Fitness Defined, Challenged and Celebrated

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As we say goodbye to April we look forward to May. During May, OHI classes will be focused on setting personal goals. At the beginning and at the end of the month, exercisers will learn how much they’ve improved during the month.

Exercisers will define, challenge and celebrate their path toward fitness. And, because it will all happen Monday, Wednesday and Friday in a group setting, with great music and an outstanding instructor, this month will be fun.

Defined: Fitness is the body’s ability to recover heart rate, strength and energy after exercise. The better shape you’re in, (and the younger your age) the quicker you recover. Can you recover back to resting heart rate quicker at the end of May than at the beginning?

Challenged: Fitness is challenged with personal goals. It’s celebrated by attaining those goals. One person boasted, “Hey, my goal was to get here. Guess I made it!”

Celebrated: May is the month of challenge and rewards at OHI classes. Come to class, set your goals and celebrate rewards. For perfect attendance? For twenty minutes of daily activity? For better endurance? For longer thigh sits? You can choose your goal. You can choose your reward. Win/Win.

Dr. Joe Jacko, co-founder of LiveLongStayStrong, certified in internal, sports and regenerative medicine says several factors affect levels of fitness: age, intensity, nutrition, illness and sleep.
Age. You cannot do anything about chronological age, you can do something about attitudinal age.
Intensity. World Health Organization recommends working up to moderately intense physical activity for 150 minutes over five days. Exercise to elevate heart rate and body temperature.
Nutrition. Protein, carbohydrates, minerals and vitamins are ingredients for a successful exercise program. When it comes to nutrition, be on the offensive. You cannot eat the croissant if it is not in the kitchen.
Illness. Illness is a reality that need not completely stop exercise. Exercise should help, not harm. Wherever you are on the fitness scale, you can do some exercise.
Sleep. Dr Jacko advises seven to nine hours of sleep. “The body physiologically repairs itself during sleep. The better the quality of sleep the faster and more complete one recovers from training.” Recent studies have shown when inactive people with insomnia exercised to meet World Health Organization guidelines (by simply walking,) their moods improved and insomnia decreased. Myrna, OHI Zoom exerciser reports that she “has definitely noticed better sleep since joining this group.” She says she sleeps better if she exercises early in the day, “certainly not after dinner.” Smart gal. And fit!

A word of caution to anyone who needs to be cautious: talk to your doctor if you question your ability to attend aerobic classes. Start slowly and build is the motto here.


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