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Our Mission:

Provide a safe place for diverse voices in our civic and political culture to engage in and inspire each other to discover commonalities while respecting our differences.
Educate OVA members on issues of importance to Oakmont, and hold open meetings at which they may be discussed in a calm, non-confrontational environment.
Promote OVA member engagement and empowerment on issues of importance to Oakmont.

Our intent is to provide an open meeting once or twice a month, with a speaker or panel to provide information on the current topic, and open discussion about the topic. Each Oakmont Forum meeting will focus on a particular issue of current interest, with a goal of presenting balanced information and allowing OVA members to discuss and debate each issue in a calm, civil manner.

A central goal is to increase the participation of Oakmont residents in OVA governance, through service on OVA committees and the Board, and to give OVA members a stronger voice, by advocating changes to OVA policies and governing documents.

Meeting Details: Pending completion of the East Recreational Center remodel, we have not established a regular meeting time and place. Please follow the OVA Eblast for details of coming meetings.

Contact Information: We are looking for people to help us put on our events. For further information, check out our website or Email us at the address below: