Four Oakmonters’ True Confessions

True Confession from Oakmont newcomer, Sharon: “I joined Zoom classes, (Zoom JoRene’s classes: 967 9942 2442; passcode 573596;
without using the video feature. It was easier for me and sometimes I just needed to rest. When we get back to in-person instruction, I will need to step it up and keep up.”

Veteran exerciser Tudy adds to the tell-all conversation: “Excuses, excuses. I’m pretty good at JoRene’s class and walking, but I really should add exercises for my back, plantar fasciitis, balance, and shoulder impingement.  Those don’t get done on a regular basis. I always have something else to do, something more urgent.  Gardening frequently takes precedent.  It’s tough that JoRene was only 2 days a week because because I was not good at exercising on Friday.”

Well, Sharon and Tudy, you are not alone. Think of the Berger opening as your chance to “step it up.” As Berger Center opens, former and new Oakmont Health Initiative members will all “keep up.”

Self-motivation is a challenge. Linne and Linda both share their secrets.

Linne claims she gets better workouts when she exercises with others. “Group classes are my motivation.” She is not alone. Linda, fitness class regular, says: “I am not self-disciplined when it comes to exercising on my own and never seem to get around to it.  This is why I participate the (OHI) classes and rarely miss them. This is what works for me. 

For people reluctant to come back to class, don’t think of it as only exercise. Think of the morning meeting as one of camaraderie. Embrace the experience in three steps. First step: show up on a Monday, Wednesday or Friday morning, 9:00. Second step: smile and say hello to another person, add your confession of being new…or out of shape. Third step is almost done for you: Music begins and you just follow the leader….and other exercisers. Respect your own body’s ability to move and stretch, lift weights and balance. You’ll quickly realize you are dancing, singing and smiling as you exercise — at your own level — with others.

Your invitation is now. However, please note that for your safety, good balance and lateral movement are needed for quick aerobic moves. A fall may cause serious injury. Check with your doctor before beginning any exercise regimen. All Free Fitness Classes are too large to accommodate those who need special supervision. If you have shoulder, back, knee problems, anything that is painful, it is advisable to join a smaller, well-supervised class first, and consult a personal trainer or medical professional to learn modifications that are suitable to your condition. Participants need to use their judgment and body awareness… altering each exercise to prevent injury.
Equipment for JoRene’s class: Non-skid mats, 3# hand weights, athletic shoes (supportive but not too grippy,) and a water bottle – hydration revitalizes. Fragrance-Free, please. Share the floor with kindness. Be careful dear ones. Welcome!


Oakmont’s Own More Joy

Back again by popular demand, Oakmont’s beloved hometown group with songs from our past that will make you laugh and cry in the same concert. More Joy is a deep and delightful quartet of artists that weave amazing harmonies throughout a broad selection of folk, country, blues and beyond.

Comedy Show at OAK

Laugh along with Steph and Tom Clark and San Franciscan Dan St. Paul about married life and getting older

Ghostly Night

Boomers Ghostly Night with the Neon Playboys – October 29 at Berger Center at 5:00 with music at 6:30