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Free things are good. Free FUN things are even better! Send us an email ( if you’re interested in learning about lawn bowling. Lessons and equipment for beginners are FREE.

When I was a kid, my family made several road trips from Ohio to the way-out west. I recall stopping for lunch one time, somewhere, and we saw people rolling these heavy balls that wouldn’t roll straight; “this way lies madness,” my little 4-year-old mind thought. But the grownups let me try it, and for about six decades it percolated in the back of my cranial organ. And so, last fall I gave it a try on Demo Day. Now I’m participating in tournaments! This is rather surprising to me, since I’ve never been athletic. But it’s fun. What a supportive and friendly bunch of people these are!

Unless indicated otherwise, casual and tournament play starts at 12:30PM (get there by 12:15, though, to hang your token on the board for team selection.) That is, it’s at 12:30 until May 6, when it changes to 9:30AM (arrive at 9:15!)

Sign up for tournaments and social events on the bulletin board at the clubhouse storage shed. Maybe there’ll be other interesting things to look at there. It’s worth a look. We just had a Men’s Pairs tournament, with first-round results: 1 – Tom Ternullo/ Steve Pickell , 2 – Francis Coryell/James Chang, 3 – Jim Krause/Juan Fuentes. After two rounds of playoffs, the Reigning Kings of OLBC are Jim and Juan:

Jim & Juan

Second place went to Tom and Steve

Tom & Steve

Well played, all!

In late April and early May, Bob Dodd offered lessons on protocol, expectations, etc. for leads and seconds. I attended them, along with five or six others, and learned many useful things. I think it’s great that he’s willing to share his expertise this way.

Upcoming Tournaments:

May 21 – Men’s triples May 27 – Memorial Day June 7 & 8 – Wine Country Games June 13 – Open Pairs June 28 – Vet/novice pairs

Other Upcoming Events:

June 6 – 12PM – Quarterly member meeting @ Berger June 11 – After 5 Social – Bowl at 4PM, eat around 6PM (Potluck)

And remember!

Daily game time changes to 9:30AM, as of May 6!



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