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The MYN August monthly meeting will host guest Sam Wallis, the Community Alert & Warning Manager for Sonoma County Dept. of Emergency Management. Sam will talk about emergency alerts and warnings, including how to set up your cell phones, and NOAA radio set-up in a step-by-step presentation. Many people in Oakmont have NOAA radios but don’t have them set up to function properly. Please… bring your NOAA radios to this meeting and there will be help to set them up. It is critical that residents understand how these valuable, life-saving tools function.

As as added bonus, Sam will bring 200 special NOAA radios as free give-aways for Oakmont residents that do not own one. The radios will have an accessory kit that includes a Bed-shaker (for hearing impaired) and a Strobe-light (for sight impaired ). If you already own a NOAA radio and just need an accessory kit, send an email to MYN and we’ll see if we can swap some out. Attend the meeting on August 25 @ 11:00 AM at the West Rec Center and receive a free NOAA radio and accessory kit.

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