• Osha Hayden 

WHAT: Free class for women – stretch & strengthen – relax & release tension – improve balance 

WHEN: Mondays 10-11 a.m.;  Fridays 10:10-11:10  a.m. (When the  E. Rec remodel is completed, Friday classes will resume at the regular 10:00 am time). 

WHERE:  Lower West Rec Center 

BRING: Yoga mat 

   One of the earliest clubs formed in Oakmont, our Women’s Yoga class has met continually for over 45 years. Since each class is taught by one of our eight Yoga Leaders, you’ll experience a variety of teaching styles and poses.  

   Although some experience is helpful, none is needed. We will encourage you to be mindful of your body’s signals, know your limits and adapt poses to meet your needs. 

   Please join us for a body, mind, & soul nourishing practice. Class is free and always open to new members. Feel free to call Osha at: 707-537-8891 or email:


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