Frequently Asked Questions

OVA directors and management get many inquiries from Oakmont members. This web page highlights some of the “frequently asked questions” on a variety of OVA projects, policies and programs of interest to members.  The OVA also delivers a twice monthly newspaper to all homes and it is available on this website and includes reports on board meetings and other Oakmont events and initiatives.  We hope members will find the posts here of value as a source of information about our community.  All content is from OVA directors and management.

From Your Manager:

How much would pickleball courts cost?

 No one knows the answer to that question at this time. Although there have been many figures mentioned, they likely stem from incomplete working drawings and a preliminary estimate of $300,000 requested by the Board president early last fall. The proposed project has not officially been put out for bids yet, and will go out to bid once a soils compaction study is complete and incorporated into the engineering drawings. Currently an appeal to the City’s Planning Commission must also be resolved. The appeal was filed in December and is expected to be heard by the City Council later this month.

If you have questions you’d like board or management to address, please email Questions will be answered as soon as possible.

What does California law allow in special assessments and dues?

The Davis-Stirling Act, which governs homeowner associations and organizations like ours at Oakmont, allows special assessments of up to 5% of the current fiscal year budgeted gross expenses.  Our annual budget $3,198,434.

Monthly assessments (often called dues) can be increased  by the board of directors by up to 20% of the association’s preceding fiscal year assessment without membership approval.

Who decides on a project?

 The board of directors is the only entity that can vote on capital improvements and reserve study improvements.

Posted 3/18/2016