Besides exercising indoors (either at Berger or on Zoom Number: 967 9942 2442 passcode 573596,) do you spend time outdoors? During the month of September, spending time outdoors will enhance your health.
There are plenty of benefits attributed to being outdoors—increasing vitamin D production and exercise are just two of them. According to Dr. Allison Chase, clinical psychologist and regional director of Pathlight Mood and Anxiety Center, being outdoors can help find relief from the stress of daily living.
Dr. Philip Junglas of Cleveland Clinic tells his patients that “the body has about a 48-hour memory for routine. If one can get outside a least every other day, it can become a habit that” improves life.
A study in reported that “spending just two hours per week positively impacted participants’ evaluations of their health.”
“Though the body reaches its physical peak around age 30, the impact of the aging process seems to lessen when a person incorporates moderate activity, such as walking, for 150 minutes a week” says Dr. Junglas.
Picking up the morning paper or getting afternoon mail are chances to look around, scope out surroundings, breathe deeply. Walking, jogging, hiking are satisfying. So is sitting, chatting, and birding. Gardening, playing with a pet or grandchild are great ways to enjoying being outside. Though you may vary your outdoor activities it’s important to spend time in the fresh air.
Mental health benefits of being outside isn’t one size fits all, notes Dr. Chase. “For some, increasing the heart rate and ‘blowing off steam’ is beneficial, while for others, taking time to engage in an de-stressing activity is a better approach.” Knowing what you need is the key to building physical, mental and emotional health. It’s not done in a day, a week or a month. It’s done every day, week and month. Knowing what you need is a healthy habit.
Start today: for the next two weeks, spend an extra fifteen minutes a day, outdoors. Instead of driving, maybe walk to/from OHI fitness classes?


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