Future of Oakmont 7-1-2019

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Next meeting – Wednesday, July 10, 2019

5:00-7:00 PM in the main East Rec facility.


Our July 10 meeting will be focused on developing two concepts that were discussed at our June 12 meeting:  helping residents make their smartphone into a true “Personal Assistant” and creating a group of “Ambassadors” to lead this effort.


The June 12 meeting started with an overview of the Starkey hearing aid by Bruce Bon.  This is the first in what may be a new generation of hearing aids that are really “Personal Assistants”.  It offers most of what you might expect from a SmartPhone or Watch, including medical information, instant translation, music, etc. – all in a state of the art hearing aid.


Dr. Charlotte Yeh, Chief Medical Officer for AARP

George then reviewed his conversations with various leaders in the hearing and “aging in place” field.  He particularly focused on his conversations with Dr. Yeh. Dr. Yeh places a lot of emphasis on the importance of seniors dealing with hearing loss.  Her figures are distressing. She says research shows that there’s a 52% higher risk of dementia, a 41% higher risk of depression, and a 29% higher risk of falls for those with untreated hearing loss.


Dr. Yeh recommended people with moderate hearing loss consider a non-hearing aid help like the Bose Hearphone or a PockeTalker.  We hope to get samples of these to provide within Oakmont for those wishing to test them. She is also helping us network to other leaders in the field.


Personal Assistants and Ambassadors

There’s an emerging concept in the Futures Club that we can each restructure our iPhones and Android phones to create a Personal Assistant.  Each resident can optimize his or her own phone to create a Personal Assistant, including things that needed to protect yourself as you “Age in Place”.  One example would be the Medical ID program for your locked screen.


We hope younger Oakmont residents who are more adept at using their iPhone or Android phone will volunteer to give back by becoming Ambassadors to take this concept to a wide range of Oakmont residents and activities.  If you’d be interested, please contact us at futureoakmont@gmail.com.



The Futures Club is also developing a special interest group in solar energy.  This is designed for those interested in solar energy with homeowners who have solar and want to share experiences and questions.  Again, if you’d be interested, please contact us.


The Futures Club is designed to help Oakmont residents understand and use the devices that our that will help us stay current as we Age in Place.  If you want to be on our email list, send your email to futureoakmont@gmail.com.



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