Garden Club (5/15/2019)

  • Patty McHugh


When: Tuesday, May 21st – 10am to 1pm

Where: Pick up a map of the tour gardens at the Berger Center at 10am (one per group/car). Our volunteer member will only be there for a short time, so please don’t dawdle – you might miss her.

In lieu of a May meeting the Garden Club is hosting our annual tour of Oakmont gardens. This year we have seven gardens whose owners have graciously volunteered to open them for show. The tour is open to ALL Oakmonters and their guests.

We are very excited about the range of gardens in this year’s tour. All are very different and unique in their own way and are a reflection of the owner’s personality. Any garden can be lovely, regardless of its size, theme (if any), orientation or plant material. A garden doesn’t need to be perfect – a garden only needs to bring its owner peace, tranquility and joy.

A specific route will be shown on the map and a synopsis of each garden will be printed on the back of the map. Garden owners will be wearing a colorful lei – feel free to ask them questions (gardeners love talking about their garden).

Please do join us! We want to make this a success and something we look forward to every year.


By mid-May we should be pretty much done with the hard work of the garden and be ready to enjoy alfresco dining and drinks outdoors. Impromptu gatherings of friends and family are the order of the day. Fire up that bar-be-que and pick any edibles that may be ready for the table.

· There’s still time to plant some vegetables for harvest this year but do so now. Many crops take several months to mature – tomatoes in particular. Tomatoes are so worth it – they taste better grown in the home garden and picked at their peak than any you can buy in the store and can be grown successfully in containers – all they need is sun, food and water.

· For continuous bloom on summer-flowering plants, keep up with the deadheading. Take a pair of garden scissors with you when you stroll your garden and snip away the expired blooms.

· The rain and mild weather we had in April is perfect for May hatching mosquitos – overturn any empty pots/containers that collect standing water.

· Remove faded blossoms of roses – always cut to a 5-leafed stem. For cut flowers, re-cut them under water before placing them in the vase. You may make your own rose bouquet preservative with the following recipe: 1 tablespoon sugar, 1 teaspoon vinegar, 1 325-milligram aspirin or ½ tablespoon household bleach (not both) and 3 cups of water. Research done at the University of Arkansas Department of Horticulture & Forestry found that this mixture outlasted both commercial preservatives and plain tap water.

The Garden Club is on hiatus for June, July and August – have a great summer!



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