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Garden Club: March Meeting

  • Patty McHugh

There will be NO meeting/speaker this month. In lieu of a meeting is our field trip to the San Francisco Flower and Garden Show at the Cow Palace on Thursday, March 21st. This year’s theme: Return to Paradise! If you have never been, you should consider joining us for this trip. You will see gorgeous designer gardens, demonstrations and seminars, browse specialty shops and meet professionals happy to answer your gardening questions. It is well worth your time. If you’ve been before, there is always something new to see.

Our bus leaves the Berger Center at 8:15am, March 21st, and arrives at the Cow Place approximately 10:30am. We leave the show at 3:00pm and arrive back at the Berger approximately 6:00pm. Cost is $50.00 which covers bus and entrance fee. Lunch is own your own at the Show at on-site cafes or food vendors or bring your own.

This trip is open to Garden Club members and guests, as well as to the general public if space allows; members and member guests have priority. Please contact Janet Schade, 539-2099 (, for availability.


Although March’s brusque days can be a deterrent, there’s a lot that can be done in the garden this month. There usually are some rainless, non-windy days that we can work outside comfortably, so take advantage of them. Here’s some of what can be done this month – more to follow next posting:

* Continue to watch out for frost which can be dangerous when plants are leafing out with new growth. Even the most diligent of us will likely have some frost damage but leave the frost damage on your plants until frost danger is past. Thereafter, you can safely prune away damaged growth.

* This month you may prune salvias, germanders and hybrid clematis (though this is tricky since vines can appear dead – for now, just prune for shape).

* Fertilize azaleas, camelias and rhododendrons after they finish blooming. Also, fertilize blueberries with the same acid fertilizer used on the other acid-loving plants.

* Fertilize roses when they begin to leaf out. Roses need lots of fertilizer to produce an abundance of blooms. Use a high-nitrogen fertilizer specially designed for roses. Alfalfa pellets sprinkled around each rose bush has been said to be beneficial, producing an alcohol high in nitrogen as it decomposes (haven’t tried this – can’t hurt).

* Prepare your vegetable bed by digging in plenty of compost. Wait until the soil is moist but not soggy. You can sow outdoors seeds of spinach, radishes, beets, peas, carrots, cilantro, Asian greens and potatoes.

* Bait for slugs, snails, earwigs and sow bugs.


We still need gardens for the annual Oakmont Garden Tour to be held on May 21st. Please consider opening your backyard garden to the Oakmont public this year. Let’s make this a successful annual event! Contact President Janet Schade.



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