Gardens New Owners Have Big Plans

            Oakmont Gardens is now under new ownership and with it will come some significant changes, both inside and outside. 

            Life Care Services ( LCS) of Des Moines, Iowa, took over operation of the Gardens from MBK Senior Living on Aug. 4, said Executive Director John Beltz. “We are excited about the direction and investments the new team will be taking.’’

            In an odd symbiotic relationship that dates back to Oakmont’s founding more than a half century ago, the roughly 150 Gardens residents are voting members of the Oakmont Village Association, but the association is not part of the Gardens itself.  And while the Gardens is situated directly across White Oak Drive from Oakmont’s gym, library and Berger auditorium, the two organizations have never really communicated all that well.

            All that is about to change 

            “Our intent is to become a closer partner to Oakmont Village,” Beltz said, “one that creates new value and engagement for both our residents and the greater Village  neighborhood.”

            LCS is the second largest senior living company in the country behind Brookdale Senior Living. The new operation is a joint ownership between LCS and 

The Focus Group, a private equity firm that owns six residential properties, including  Arbol Residence Santa Rosa in Fountain Grove.

            Beltz said LCS is planning for significant capital investments over 18 months. Immediate plans call for upgrades to the building itself, including elevators and windows. That will be followed by work on the individual apartments and then to the outside grounds.
            What about that flood prone vacant land behind the Gardens? There are “no immediate plans” for that.