Gas Restoration in Oakmont

PG&E will begin restoring gas service to customers in Oakmont Village later today and early next week as repopulation occurs.

We will have several gas service representatives in the area to restore gas service as customers return to their homes.

Customer Process for Getting Gas Service Restored

In order to restore gas service the customer must be at the location at the time of restoration.

We ask customers to call 1-800-743-5002, press 2 for outage then press 1 for gas outage. The customer service representative will then notify our gas restoration team that this address is occupied and can have gas restored. Additionally we will have customer service personnel onsite at the Oakmont Golf Club, 7035 Oakmont Drive to answer customer questions and assist in getting their gas service restored.

COVID-19 Protocols: All PG&E personnel complete a personal health check prior to reporting for their work shift.  While working, PG&E personnel must wear a face covering, wash their hands frequently or use hand sanitizer, maintain physical distance of 6 feet when possible, and employ enhanced safety protocols when working at senior centers or in senior communities. These enhanced protocols include wearing gloves and N95 masks, communicating to customers physical distancing guidelines and inquiring if anyone in the household is sick.  Further all PG&E personnel will have identification. 

An automated call will go out to customers:

Hello, this is Pacific Gas & Electric calling you with an update on gas service in your area.  Due to the Glass Fire and for the safety of first responders, it was necessary to interrupt natural gas service in your area.  PG&E personnel will be available starting Oct. 4 to re-establish gas service and re-light pilot lights for effected customers. If you have a questions regarding the restoration of gas service, please call 1-800-743-5002, press 2 for outage then press 1 for gas outage or visit the PG&E staging area at Oakmont Golf Course, 7035 Oakmont Drive. For safety reasons customers should not attempt to restore their own gas service. Thank you for your patience as we work to restore gas service safely and quickly.

Customers with No Electricity

If a customer returns home and does not have electric power. We ask the customers to contact PG&E at 800743-5002.  We will have electric personnel on site at the golf course to support requests.


Potential for Debris

Keep phones on and charged, flashlights nearby, and blankets handy. Potential for debris in areas near the Glass Fire scar. Please be sure to keep

Sonoma County Stay At Home Order

Sonoma County has announced a stay at home order which you may read here: This order does not prohibit outdoor activities and OVA’s outdoor facilities,