Genealogy Club: Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah & Happy New Year!

  • Melinda Price

There is no meeting of the Genealogy Club in December.

We will see you all next on Monday Jan 28, 2019 at the West Rec at 1:00!

The November meeting of the club had a large turnout and featured guest speaker Steve Morse. He described his basic research on the genealogy of U.S. Presidents. He located the immigration records of the ancestors of the presidents who first came to America after 1840, which is when those records begin. He also followed the presidents in the census from the earliest (1790) to the last one made public (1940). Interestingly George Washington was not in the 1790 census, the only census he could have been in, because the 1790 census schedules for Virginia were burned by the British during the War of 1812. Be sure to check out Steve’s great One-Step webpages which are so helpful in researching immigration records, various census, Jewish genealogy and many other subjects at:

The Oakmont Genealogy Club regularly meets in the West Rec Center on the 4th Monday of each month (except July & December) at 1:00 PM. There are no club dues, and everyone is welcome to attend our meetings, both newbies and experienced researchers. For information about genealogy research or club activities please visit our website at: If you have research questions or would like to receive our e-newsletter, email:


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