General Manager’s Report 12-17-2019

Coffee Cart: Earlier this year, Debie Alioto sold her coffee cart business and on December 1, Julie Kay began her Coffee and pastry service and will continue at the Central Activities Center. Please stop by and introduce yourself. 

Pickleball CourtsThe pickleball courts at the East Recreation Center had some minor cracking which was repaired in late November before the rains set in. Future cracking will be monitored for the next few years until the courts are scheduled for major renovation (2024 or sooner if needed), which involves grind and overlay of the old asphalt. 

2020 Grant: On December 4, the grant team consisting of Les Koepplin, Ron Manning, Jackie Ryan, Cheryl Diehm, Ruthie Snyder, Christel and me submitted the 2020 grant proposal to Cal Fire. The grant submitted was a nearly $1 million proposal for funding from Cal Fire to do comprehensive fire abatement and prevention work to make Oakmont’s borders and other communal properties defensible in the event of wildfires.  

The $986,000 request targets trees removal of trees, ladder fuels and 

vegetation on OVA communal lands and in critical at-risk sub associations 

located in the Wildland Urban Interface (WUI) and very high fire severity zones, including properties bordering Highway12 and State Responsibility Area (SRA) Trione-Annadel Park. The treatment areas align to Cal Fire’s strategy in preventing fires from crossing Highway 12 into Oakmont from the north and preventing fire from entering Oakmont from the south out of Trione-Annadel Park into the Sonoma Valley. 

Employee Handbook: Dawn McFarland, OVA’s Executive Director, has been working on the new employee handbook that will be presented to the Personnel Committee and ultimately the Board of Directors for approval in January. New laws come into effect that will have an impact on the association which was the driving force for the handbook review. 

Guidelines and Standards: In January, the Architectural Committee will be presenting their Architectural Guidelines and Standards (Standards) to the Board of Directors that will addresses changes to the architectural policy and rules regarding architectural improvements. The new Standards will cover items that have been in the spotlight lately, such as solar power and generators. Management will forward the guidelines and standards to the Association’s attorney prior to submission to the Board to ensure all laws are followed and incorporated in the new Standards. 

SPOTLIGHT REPORT – Architectural 


Next Meetings

A. The Next Regular Board Meeting is Tuesday January 21, 2020 at 1:00    PM in the Berger Building