General Manager’s Report 4-20-2021

April 2021 Board Meeting General Manager Report

Dear Oakmont Members:

Thank you for your warm welcome! It has been a pleasure to meet many of you! In my short time here in Oakmont there are many updates to report.   Please see below and I look forward to being in touch.

Kimberly Rowland

COVID-19 Vaccination clinics:

Oakmont has facilitated COVID-19 Moderna and Pfizer vaccine clinics through February, March and April led by OVA Vice President Heidi Klyn. These clinics were well attended with people holding appointments lining up at the Berger Center.

The Health Department, partnering with Safeway pharmacists, committed to administering 1300 total vaccinations with Moderna over the 4-5th of February.

People receiving the 1st Moderna vaccine at Oakmont were given appointments for the second, required dose.

Those were given at the Berger Center on March 4, 5 and 8.

An April vaccination clinic was held at the East Rec Center April 2 for the first dose of the Pfizer vaccine by appointment only. The follow up second dose will be Friday April 23.

Berger Center floor replacement:

The floor replacement is almost complete! Facilities Manager, Rick Aubert has been managing the project and has provided the following detail:

Flooring FX is the flooring company installing the new Commercial Engineered Vinyl floor in the Berger. This project started last month with the abatement of the asbestos tiles and glue. Once all the old flooring material was removed, Flooring FX began prepping the floor for the installation of the new floor. Maintenance is replacing all the chair and table rolling-cart wheels with soft rubber ones, along with replacing all the chair and table glides to keep the new flooring looking fantastic for as long as possible. Completion is slated by the end of April.

Junk the Junipers drop off event:

The Firewise committee has been working on facilitating this event in coordination with the OVA staff. Details are as follows:

  • First Date – April 21-26 (Berger Center) Chipping of Junipers only will be taking place on Friday the 23rd and Tuesday the 27th.
  • Second Date – May 5-11 (Berger Center) Chipping of Junipers only will take place on Tuesday May 11.
  • All plants should be delivered to the Berger Center any time between 9am-6pm during these 2 weeks. Junipers will need to be separated from other material. Plants that are not able to go into the Chipping machine will need to be placed in the dumpster in the Berger Parking lot. Volunteers will be on site to direct traffic to these locations.

Recent NOAA radio giveaway

Oakmonters braved long lines on April 7th to get a NOAA weather radio, courtesy of the City of Santa Rosa. Several city and fire department and elected officials showed up to assist at the give- away.

Neil Bergman, Emergency Preparedness Manager, recommended that radio recipients go to the links below to help understand their radios.  He also mentioned that the alerts on the radio will work whether the date/time feature is programmed or not. This means the alerts will go off, as well as the Wednesday tests. Every Wednesday morning between 11 a.m. and noon, the National Weather Service will send out its Required Weekly Test. You may notice the ADVISORY light

come on, and ‘REQUIRED WEEKLY TEST” scrolls across the screen. That means your radio is operating properly.

Member facility access Cards/How to reactivate:

To reactivate your OVA Access Card please first book an appointment with OVA Admin Staff. To book your appointment please visit and select the “Staff Assistance” option. Please make sure to bring your OVA Access Card to the appointment.

If you have trouble booking an appointment online, please feel free to call the Admin Office at 707-539-1611 extension 2.

Friendly Reminder: Due to ongoing Covid-19 guidelines and restrictions, no guests or children are allowed at the pools at this time.

Sheep arriving soon for weed abatement:     THEY ARE COMING BAAACK!

The sheep will once again be grazing our community for the seventh time. They will begin their munching journey in early June, beginning with the area north of the Community Garden, through Silver Creek Canyon.

During this time, the dog park will be closed for the safety of the sheep and your dog for a week to ten days. They will then cross over to the Par Course, up to the West Rec and back through the Canyon of the Par Course. From there they will be transported to the East Rec. All this munching should take about a month. We do not yet know who our Shepherd will be, but the sheep will once again be provided by Living Systems Land Management. As a reminder, an electric fence will be installed around the area where they are grazing. For your safety, do NOT attempt to pet the sheep or the dogs or let your dog’s approach the fence.

Oakmont Office Staffing Update:

Generally, the office is operating by appointment only at With that said, we do have staff in the office Monday – Friday from 8:30 am – 5 pm. It’s always best to make an appointment to connect with the appropriate staff member.

We do anticipate updating the office hours in coordination with the opening committee, state, county, and city recommendations.

Oakmont Upcoming Events:

  • The car show will be here with many beautiful vehicles May 29th from 10 a.m. until 1 p.m. with the Oakmont Market serving hamburgers.
  • June 19th there will be a big Arts and Craft Show under the solar canopies from 10-3 with El Coyote, the fabulous Mexican Food Truck from Sonoma and Ice Cream from our own Umpqua Bank.