Oakmont Rainbow Women 10/1/2018

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General Meeting, October Activities, & Africa

  • Dorothy Webster and Diane Holt


Before our general meeting at the West Rec Center on Thursday, October 11, present and past ORW board members will host a reception to welcome 22 new members who have joined our club since last October. Then, new and longtime members will hear representatives speak about our golf, pickle ball, poker, hiking, and other special-interest groups.

At 7 p.m., the regular meeting begins. We’ll watch the video “A Great Ride,” in which a number of Rainbow Women appear. Filmmaker Deborah Craig will talk about her video, which screened in June at San Francisco’s Frameline LGBTQ+ film festival. All women who live in Oakmont are welcome to come to our meetings and events.


Every Wednesday at 9 a.m., meet up with other Rainbow Women at the Berger parking lot to hike with a group that knows all the best, easiest trails. The weather is cooler now, so no excuses.

On Thursday, October 18, meet at 7 p.m. in the card room of the Central Activities Center for Texas Hold ’em poker and other games people bring.

On Thursday, October 25, Rainbow Women golfers meet at the East Course at 5 p.m. to play a best-ball scramble.


Six Rainbow Women recently traveled with Overseas Adventure Travel up and down southeastern Africa for six weeks. Everywhere they went — traveling in small planes and on terrible roads from Botswana to Zimbabwe, visiting Victoria Falls, villages, and nomadic tribes — they saw lions, zebras, and elephants. In the vast Serengeti National Park (the size of the state of Connecticut), they observed magnificent cheetahs.

Bobbie Rosenthal liked the hippos. Maggie Schadler liked the long-tusk elephants. Kate Himell kissed a captive giraffe at a lodge they stayed in. Rochia Holmquist learned how to carry a water jug on her head, pictured.

We know they’re glad to be back home, but will never forget days like the one inside an ancient, filled-in volcanic crater, where they saw a herd of hundreds of zebra.


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