Oakmont Fitness Club 10/1/2018

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General Questions

  • John Phillips

The first question: “Please get rid of fans. They’re causing arguments. It’s getting serious. I thought the idea of a workout was to sweat?” We are all adults and should be able to discuss or ask the party using the fan if it could be moved so it is not blowing on you. Yes, we workout to sweat, we sweat to cool the body. They way it works is that the sweat on the body evaporates causing the body to cool. For this to occur the air needs to be circulating, which is where the fans come in. Air conditioning alone does not move the air enough and in the winter the A/C is usually off. This helps prevent people from overheating. Air circulation also helps with humidity in the room. That is why we have fans. I do realize some people sweat more than others and they are the ones who need the fans the most.

The second question: “Any chance we could make the gym scent free? & maybe publicize it?” The gym is scent free, there is a sign on my office window requesting members to refrain from using scented products in the gym. I’m not sure how we might make this clearer, perhaps this article will reinforce this rule.

The last question occurred on the floor of the gym concerning the bar and plate stack between the smith machine and the exit door in the free weight/stretching room. I was asked why I didn’t have the plates so that the different denominations where on each side of the rack, like on the smith machine. If anyone can think of a way to do this so that everyone can use the weights with the understanding that some people do not put the weights back the way they are found, I would like to hear it. Quiz: plate sizes 1 ¼, 2 ½, 5, 7 ½, 10, 15, & 25#’s; we have 4 pegs on each side for a total of 8 pegs to hold the weights. Right now, the only weight I have on each side are the 10#’s, and quite often when I come in I find the 25#’s over the 15#’s which is where the problem occurs. Some people cannot lift the 25#’s to get to the 15#’s, so why not use a 5 and a 10? Because they are not using a bar, but holding the plate in their hands, it would be okay if the person using the 25#’s would place them behind the 15#’s. The person asking didn’t wait for a response, but instead put his earbuds into his ears and angrily walked away as I tried to explain the situation.

For those of you who have questions and would like to hear the answer, please stop by the Center or call 707-494-9086, or email wkuout2@aol.com. I look forward to seeing everyone at the gym.


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