Lawn Bowling 9/15/2018

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  • Phil Bowman


To All Oakmont residents: Come try your hand at the sport you see played on the green next to the Activity Center. Lawn Bowling! You are invited to try your hand at the game each and every Saturday from 9:00 – 10:30 a.m. We’ll have demonstrations and mini lessons. Smooth sole shoes only, please. See you on the green!


Open Triples: The tourney got started on July 11th with six teams. After the first round three teams were left, Team Gary Scott, Jim Krause and Steve Pickell (a novice) having won by the largest margin earned a bye in the finals. Team Tom Turnullo, Ann Miller and Eva McGinn won the second round match for a spot in the finals and after a scheduling delay met Scott, Krause and Pickell in the final match which turned out to be “doozy.” After 12 ends Tom’s team led by four points but in the 13th end Gary’s team scored 4 points to tie the match and went on to win the last end and the tournament.

Open Singles: 14 men and women registered for this single elimination tourney which started August 30. After two rounds that day, 4 were left standing to play in the semi-finals: Jeana Garcia vs. Jim Krause; and Jeff Vanderheyden vs. Marilyn Garland. Stay tuned.


Novice Singles Wednesday, September 19

The game is in the morning. Check the bulletin board for information and sign up. Wear your whites and bring $2.


Demo Day Monday, Sept 24 from 10 am to Noon

(This is a change to the prior planned date of September 17.)

If you are someone who has seen folks in activities on a large square of grass next to the Activity Center and have wondered what was going on, come to that grassy spot and you’ll have a chance to see a Lawn Bowling game in action and even try rolling the bowls (we don’t call them “balls”)

Become an Assistant. Tony Lachowicz has been in charge of these Demo Day events for some time and would like someone to become his co-chair with a view to taking responsibility for future events. Please contact Tony (he’s in the Green Book) and let him know you are interested and willing.


Mechanical Bowling Arm. Sound sort of mysterious? It is a device to help those of us with trouble bending over to deliver the bowl. OLBC received a $310 grant from the Oakmont Community Foundation to buy it. Arrival expected in early September. If you are interested in trying one, call Tony Lachowicz.

Short Games. Due to lack of interest, regular short games (4 or 6 ends) have been discontinued. However, short games may be requested and arranged at the daily draw.

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