Golf Update: Subsidy Out

The Oakmont Village Association is not considering any direct subsidy to bolster the Oakmont Golf Club and will insist that any golf aid will be contingent on receiving comparable value in return, OVA Vice President Tom Kendrick said in a report to the board on Sept. 18.

In his first substantial golf update since early last summer, Kendrick said a subcommittee involved in discussions with the OGC is looking at “transactions and partnerships” and “opportunities for direct voluntary support of OGC by OVA members.” Other members of the OVA subcommittee include Carolyn Bettencourt and treasurer Elke Strunke.

Some  areas under discussion include contracting for selected maintenance services and “cost sharing for projects such as flood control and water management.”  Some other possibilities have been ruled out, he said. “Transactions and partnerships under consideration are consistent with the principles many BOD members communicated during last spring’s election, that any financial contribution from the OVA to the OGC would provide in return concrete value of comparable worth to OVA members. “

​Since last spring, the OGC has been making a pitch for financial assistance from the OVA, saying that it is doing ok financially now, but may need help if there are other bad revenue years like 2017, when the October wildfires shutdown the courses. It also has said some maintenance has been deferred in recent years.

Kendrick had a less rosy assessment, describing the overall financial picture as “not promising” and “a challenge.”

“Golfing activity remains stable in terms of the number of rounds played, so that perspective seems okay,” he said.  “The financial picture is not as positive, however.  Overall economic factors and deteriorating trends in golfing contribute to problems, and the local issues in 2017 (a rainy winter, October fires) made things worse.”

As he has in other occasions, Kendrick stressed “no direct OVA subsidy for OGC is being considered by the OVA BOD.” But, he said,  “the issues are real, however, and must be addressed.”

Kendrick also said member residents will get an opportunity to directly support the OGC individually.  “Details on this will be available soon.  For those OVA members who are concerned about property values and Oakmont’s appearance, participating in this will provide some relatively inexpensive insurance.”

As discussions progress, Kendrick promised OVA will “communicate specific details.  We want—and expect—to have spirited discussions prior to any OVA BOD decisions.”