Good To The Last Lap

  • Melissa Bowers

“Baby, it’s cold outside!”  Dang, if Old Man Winter hasn’t arrived! Grab your 2019 New Year Resolutions and re-read them…make certain you’ve kept the weekly swim routine and do realize the two heaters are back in business. At today’s deadline tomorrow the work is scheduled replacing BOTH heaters. Whew! “Baby, the heat is on!” Ahhh, life is good.
Flip Turn News:
If you’re into a healthy, aquatic workout routine, join us year-rounders by sending name/email to .  We are web-based group, no dues nor parties, who if/when needed are a ‘voice’ for all the independent lap swimmers.  Find the pool with the temp you prefer, and get going.
Happy New Year 2019!


January Classes Coming Soon!

Oakmont Lifelong Learning We apologize for having to cancel our Fall semester classes due to the Glass Fire. We are working on rescheduling a variety

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