With time, things work out. We adjust.

Things are working out for Oakmont Health Initiative. When popular instructor JoRene considered retirement, exercisers feared losing OHI classes, feared not being able to adjust.

Then JoRene decided not to retire completely, would lead two classes a week. (Someone suggested she just couldn’t get along without her Oakmont buddies.)

And now, with help of YMCA, OHI president Marilyn Pugliese reports that classes will continue three days a week: Monday, Wednesday, Friday, Berger Center; 9:00-10:10. Zoom: 967 9942 2442 passcode 573596. JoRene will lead Mondays and Wednesdays and Nicole Martinovich will lead Fridays.

Like JoRene, Nicole has had a life focused on general wellness. As a toddler, she splashed in waves at Ocean Beach. As a young child, she body-surfed and competed in swimming. Horseback riding, water skiing and dance followed. Nicole earned her BA in Physical Education and MS in Traditional Chinese Medicine.

She began her YMCA career by teaching classes. Quickly, her skills for helping people expanded. She orchestrated the YMCA’s Diabetes Prevention Program and today serves as the Healthy Initiatives Program Coordinator.

At the YMCA, Nicole’s teaching skills quickly included orchestrating the Diabetes Prevention Program. Today she serves as the Healthy Initiatives Program Director.

Her years of extensive eduction gives her status as a Certified Health Coach and Personal Trainer; Behavioral Coach; Integrative Yoga (Ayurveda)Therapy; and Life Coach with (Tony) Robbins-Madness Core 100 and Strategic Intervention.

Looks like Nicole is ready, willing and oh so able to lead classes and guide exercisers at Oakmont. She seems excited to be part of the OHI team and says, “Participants show up, do the work. I bring my all: sets and reps, lifestyle hacks, diet course corrects, meditation, inspiration, tools and techniques. We focus and we have fun.”

For good measure, she adds: “So let’s get started.”

For extra good measure these notes must be added: Nicole challenges even the fittest! Aerobic exercise can be strenuous; know your personal abilities and adjust accordingly. If you’ve been away from any aerobic program for a while, check with your health care provider before beginning. Good shoes and water are musts! Though most students provide their own mats and hand weights, some are available to use during classes.

When you come, come with the idea that you are there for fitness….and fun. And just maybe to make a friend or two.


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