Halloween is just around the corner. Yard decorations, door wreaths and jack-lanterns invite us to the beginning of this year’s holiday season, which often means added calories which could lead to unwanted pounds and uncomfortable clothes. Oh brother. Oh sister. Turn quickly to OHI Free Fitness class for your own holiday balancing secret. Exercise not only burns candy calories but also boosts metabolism for hours after indulging. Added benefit: physical exercise helps fight holiday doldrums. (More next month.)

During the week of Halloween, JoRene’s OHI class exercises to the movements made famous by performers who provided the songs, Thriller and Time Warp. We channeled our inner Michael Jackson to the first song and Rocky Horror Picture Show to the second. Silly? Fun? Effective exercising? Yes!

With Halloween on the horizon, why not enjoy the season, just for a couple of weeks. Why not hop out of robe and slippers and into an exercise “costume.” Let’s embrace the opportunity to channel part of the fun side of life, Halloween.

Join in with the group. JoRene, Michael Jackson, Rocky Horror Picture Show and all the other exercisers wait to greet you. See you at the Berger Center or on Zoom, #967 9942 2442, passcode 573596.

Just a note of caution: if you’ve not exercised in a while, or have had some sort of recent injury, let common sense and medical advice guide you. Be careful. Be wise. Be safe.


Friendship and Fun for the Holidays

Square dancing has been called “Friendship set to music”. The Oakmont Squares are looking forward to celebrating the 2021 holidays with friendship, music, laughter and

Water Aerobics

Mary’s Polar Bears are waiting for YOU to join us. We meet Monday through Thursday at 9:00 & 10:10. No Reservations are required and there