Happy 100th birthday Wendell Freeman

Tricia Shindledecker presents card to Wendell
Tricia Shindledecker presents card to Wendell

The Oakmont Kiwanis Club is so proud of hard working, helpful, friendly and kind long time member, Wendell Freeman. I am sure you join members in wishing Wendell a Happy 100th Birthday. On his birthday, August 28th his loving wife Patt and family surprised Wendell with a party at the Oak Restaurant. His 3 sons and daughter and numerous grandchildren and great grandchildren and friends came from near and far. Wendell told tales of leaving the Minnesota farm before he was 18 to seek his fortune and better opportunities. He ended up joining the Marines before World War 2, and after the war started you can imagine how many South Pacific Islands he saw. After the war, he went to college using the G I Bill and graduated as an engineer. After a successful career, he and Patt moved to their lovely house in Oakmont where Wendell has a beautiful garden. When Wendell was the Kiwanis Club President, his love of growing vegetables and flowers, led him to volunteer helping teachers and students at Luther Burbank Elementary School plant and grow vegetables. He planted and cared for fruit trees there. Several years ago a plaque was put up at the garden now called “ Wendell’s garden. “ The Club also helps supply library books for the children at the school. Over the years, Wendell has been a roll model for what Kiwanis is all about., working with and for children. Not only does Wendell help children, but he is the first one to pick up boxes of papers to be shredded at the Kiwanis twice a year Shred-A-Thon. For years he has represented the Marines and Kiwanis at the Veteran’s Day celebrations. That uniform still fits him perfectly as he stands tall in it.
The Kiwanis Club thanks Wendell for his many years of representing outstanding leadership in Kiwanis and our community. I joined Kiwanis mainly because of the examples Wendell and members represented as they helped children, schools and our community. Many of us are getting older and our numbers are thinning out, if what Wendell and Kiwanis do appeals to you please join us at our Thursday morning 8am breakfast at the Berger Center followed by an 8:30-9:30 meeting. We really need your help. Contact Fran Lazzarini at 928-202-1105 or email: franlazz43@aol.com


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