Oakmont Progressives 10/1/2018

Health Care, Housing, Taxes, Roads: November Election Ballot Preview

On October 8, from 7 to 8:30 PM, in the West Rec Center, the Oakmont Progressives will feature presentations on the state ballot.  We will also discuss what are issues Oakmonters want to see us attack as a “progressive” club.  The Progressives are working with the Oakmont Democrats and the PerSisters to stop Trump by flipping Congress. Obviously, Trump is a problem, but the issues our nation faces go much deeper.  At both the local and national levels we want to develop a concrete plan to win progressive issues.

For this meeting, among the ballot measures we will discuss, are three that deal with our state’s housing crisis and one that deals with health care.

Prop 1 provides $4 billion for stable housing for seniors, vets, struggling families, people experiencing homelessness and individuals with disabilities.

Prop 2 would give the state the authority to release 2 billion in bonds (already approved and in the budget) to build housing with services for homeless seniors, families, veterans and mentally ill.

Prop 10 gives cities and counties the power and ability to implement rent control as they choose.  It does not require counties to enact rent control or expand existing rent control laws – it just gives municipalities the ability to enact laws that make sense for their communities.

Prop 8 seeks to both improve dialysis care and reduce patient costs.

Big dialysis corporations make billions of dollars annually. Dialysis

companies charge patients with private insurance an average $150,000 for a year of dialysis treatment. That’s a 350% markup from the cost of providing care! Insurance companies are forced to pass the costs to all policyholders, driving up healthcare premiums for us all.   Proposition 8 will push for-profit dialysis corporations to spend more money on direct patient care with revenues limited to no more than 15% above the amount they spend on patient care.  By linking revenue to care, dialysis corporations will have a greater incentive to invest in patient care.  And, when we stop dialysis companies from overcharging, we can bring down the cost of healthcare premiums for all of us.  Statistics in this article are from the California Alliance for Retired Americans (CARA).

Find out more about these and other state ballot issues at the Progressive Club meeting on October 8.  Registration and Social starts at 6:30

By Tom Amato


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