Health Initiative 6-15-2019

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Tom Kelley

Exercise and Brain Health
There are different ways of improving your brain health and regular exercise is considered to be one the the most effective methods.  The benefits result from increased blood flow and oxygen to the brain creating new brain cells and the release of chemicals called endorphins, which produce a feeling of well being.  Indirectly, exercise also improves sleep and mood,  plus reduces stress and anxiety.
The best brain health workouts involve activities that use different parts of the brain that involve coordination, balance and decision making.  Engage in more that one kind of workout to avoid boredom, but  involve different muscles.  This could include long walks.  An UCLA study found that walking 4000 steps or about 2 miles showed improvement in the brain.  Also taking the stairs instead of an elevator, dancing, gardening, swimming, biking and going to the gym are beneficial.  Better yet, do it with friends for more enjoyment.
Whatever exercise you may choose to use, commit to establishing exercise as a habit, almost like taking a prescription medication.  After all, it is said the medication is medication and should be on your list of reasons to get moving.  See you at the gym.